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Welcome to
Women Healing Zone

A place of Healing, a place for Courage, a place for  Strength

The office is CHANGING! It is under construction after the Church street flood.

All meetings are now via skype or phone until we can clear up the problems. 

Meditation is via Zoom and must be register fro so you can meditate from home. Classes including yoga are now online.

Classes are still going on!

About Us


It is our mission to raise the consciousness of the planet through the process of  facilitating Self-awareness,  Self-acceptance and Self-love.


We help transform lives through teaching the tools of meditation, affirmative-prayer and through helping you understand spiritual laws that govern the universe and how to work consciously to come in alignment these Laws so that you may live a more harmonious life with all. 

Through dance, yoga, and mantra we grow, we glow, we transform.

Women Healing Zone in Montclair


We believe that women are the most amazing beautiful , powerful, Divine Beings God ever created and that when we are uplifted and remember the TRUTH of who we are the whole world is blessed. 

Together we rise divided we fall. Lets come together in love and peace.

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Women Healing Zone

50 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042, United States

(973) 741-8141

Business Hours (Subject to change durning severe weather)



Please call the office for Monday appointments. During the summer we will be open on Monday by appointment only. 

We are also closed on all major holidays with some exception.