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A Mans Journey

As we seek to become more inclusive we are expanding out network to include men and men specific activities. While our main focus and priority is to provide a safe place for women to heal with other women we acknowledge that to live in harmony and balance within ourselves we must also include the other aspect of our Self, the masculine. Here you will find a place that welcomes your Spiritual Development and Growth. We are developing classes for men led by men, as well as classes that are integrated with both  men and women. We welcome your feedback and input on the services you'd like to participate in. 

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It is our mission to raise the consciousness of the planet through the process of  facilitating Self-awareness,  Self-acceptance and Self-love.





We help transform lives through teaching the tools of meditation, affirmative-prayer and through helping you understand spiritual laws that govern the universe and how to work consciously to come in alignment these Laws so that you may live a more harmonious life with all. 

Through dance, yoga, and mantra we grow, we glow, we transform.

Women Healing Zone in Montclair





We believe that women are the most amazing beautiful , powerful, Divine Beings God ever created and that when we are uplifted and remember the TRUTH of who we are the whole world is blessed. 

Together we rise divided we fall. Lets come together in love and peace.

We are always seeking ways to evolve!

In 2019 it is our mission to provide you with more content that aligns with your spiritual goals for the year. We love to be in service. The best way for us to do that is to learn directly from you, what you want. Please complete the survey below and let us know how we can be of better service to YOU!

As a Thank You, We have included a link to our newest meditation, just for those that complete this survey. You can find it at the end of the survey.

With all the love the heart can hold!

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