Ayurveda workshop April 21st & May 26th 2pm-5pm

Ayurveda Workshops & Dosha Assessment

Part one "What's your Dosha" April 21st 

Part two  a "Deeper Dive into you" May 26th

2pm-5pm each day 

$65 each or sign up for both and save $10     

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CaCao Ceremony May 19th 2pm-8pm

CaCao Ceremony and Heart Healing Attunement

Raw cacao

is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. It turns out raw, ceremonial grade cacao has been used for centuries to help release negative energy or stuck emotions that keep us out of our heart and unlock euphoric states of consciousness and connection to our pure heart energy. This ancient ceremony combined with the art of Healing through Reiki specifically designed to open the heal the heart.

$65 in advance $75 at the door Limited seating for only 10 people. 

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*admittance not guaranteed without advance payment

Facilitated by Hycinth Mills and KiMani Divine

Artist Credit Annutara.co.uk

Artist Credit Annutara co.uk

Artist Credit Annutara co.uk