This is What's Up!!!!

Anniversary & Solstice Celebration

Celebrate with us

 Let us bring in the light of our True selves celebrating Solstice with Yoga, Meditation and Reiki starting at 9am through 3pm on December 22'nd

New Year's Eve!!!!!

Join Women Healing Zone & Peaceful Praise

A night of Self Love! Celebrate the close of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 with Women Healing Zone and Peaceful Praise as we move into meditation, Heart Healing Attunement and a special Love bathing technique. Keep this in your toolbox and let the love of your life blossom in 2019.

More info to follow....

A 21 Day Journey into yourself

How well do you know yourself?

The depth of self knowledge and perception can never be enough. You are your own best friend, best beloved. The first 21 days of the year delve into the dept of yourself with this wonderful opportunity. 

Can you hear your soul calling?

Are you ready to go deeper than you've gone before? Beyond the lashes, beyond the gym, beyond the clothes.......what do you yearn for?