Spiritual tools help you dig through the difficulties and cultivate Divine Attributes

People have asked me what I do to keep me feeling positive and in the vibration of joy, so here is a list. I really do use the things I often assign to my private clients. Here are a few of them. Some of it brings me joy or keeps me going in the midst of tough times, other things help me create balance in my life or do the work needed to keep my in the vibration of love. The list will be periodically updated so stay tuned. I am an amazon affiliate so I have added links to make it easier to find the products. Enjoy!

Dig into these tools for transformation


Affirmative Prayers 


Spend time connecting daily to God and the god in you 

Mantras & Chanting

Chant to change. Chanting is like a prayer said over and over again. It is often comprised of specific words from ancient languages. 


Listening to uplifting music heals you right down to the marrow of your bones. Here are some suggestions with the links to some of the music  personally listen to that has supported my growth. 


When we read we are eating the very words we see. Eat with the purpose to uplift you, inspire you and enrich your life! 

Here are the links to some of the books i've read that has supported my growth and those that I suggest to my personal coaching clients.


Letting the mind rest through watching movies is a great past time. Watching something of substance reinforces the works we do to uplift us and enrich our lives. Here are a few links to movies that I love with powerful messages to heal, love and grow!

Copper Pyramid therapy


Reiki & Energy Balancing

Salt Float Rooms

Crystal healing enhancement

Essential Oils

Kundalini Reiki

Lotus Tea & Spa

Tools help us transform our lives into abundant living

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