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An ONLINE vortex of healing established to support, instill and elevate Spiritual Consciousness  within everyone who desire support. 

We are a virtual community. Once a brick and mortar now everywhere 

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About KiMani Divine

KiMani Divine is a Soul Alchemist™, Spiritual Medium, Teacher, Reiki Master and Loving Light. She has been holding sacred space and delivering dynamic results to all those she has Spiritually Supported since before she opened her flagship business Women Healing Zone in 2013. 

Her intention is to provide Spiritual Life Support and help people experience a life they may not have thought possible, through creating a sacred space and a healing environment. Her Divine Method, a Sacred Process of blending vision through Holy witnessing and the voice of Spiritual-lifting, is a unique gift. KiMani also blends casual conversation, inquiry and a deep intuitive listening that is supported by guidance from the Angelic and Higher Spirt realm. She has the innate ability to be extremely empathic with her clients thereby she is able to hear often what the client her/ himself doesn’t know is being said. She uses breath, stillness, meditation, movement, prayer, invocation and an inner wisdom in each session so that healing happens on multiple levels. It is an intuitively guided processes that supports wellbeing in the body, mind and Spirit.

KiMani has trained in several modalities of healing with two Reiki Masterships; Usui & Kundalini, Yeshua Inergetics®, QT®, Muscle Testing and EFT. She has been studying New Thought practices with the teachings of Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward, Mary Baker Eddy and other thought leaders since 2001 and studied at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development founded by Iyanla Vanzant. With over 17 years of experience in Meditation, Spiritual Development, Service and Life Coaching she is passionate about what she does to help people access their Divine Self NOW. She is truly a healing presence in any community she steps into. KiMani developed the Divine Development Program™ to support people in the process of remembering the “TRUTH” of who they are as Divine right here and now in this Life Time. She loves sharing the process that she herself utilized in supporting herself to remember her own “TRUTH”. She believes that “YOU ARE ENOUGH” exactly as you are.

In her own words


Can I tell you something?

I had to Remember that, I AM DIVINE Just as I AM! I AM Worthy, I AM LOVE, Lovable and Loving. I had to learn it and embody it and embrace it! I remember feeling like no matter what I did I’d never be good enough. I felt like I was broken and that I was damaged in a deep way. It came from, as most things do, childhood experiences of betrayal, molestation and feeling unappreciated, unloved and unworthy.

My teachers shined a light on me until I could see the light within myself. Through them I learned to love me exactly as I am. I learned to pray, meditate and live life working in harmony with Universal Principles and the Laws the govern the Universe at large. I learned to participate in my own healing process and to be a Master Creator instead of a victim of circumstances. These amazing individuals were beacons starting in childhood and continue to this day. I love my teachers who are my mentors and who have become my friends. I am a teacher. I have embodied, embraced and become what they knew I could be. I have Become the Light and now I AM that for others. 

I believe that

  • “Who you are is important” “How you feel matters”
  •  “What you give is enough to the world”. 
  • You are a Radiant light and you matter!
  •  You are ENOUGH just as you are. 
  • If you don’t know that, can’t remember that or haven’t lived your life from that place in a while or ever, then I’m happy to help you. You don’t have to do it alone. It is a joy to support you to reach your full potential through developing your Spiritual connection. I believe that when you do it will lead you to Live a fulfilling life right now.  The process of Divine Development™ is the development of your sacred and holy connection to Source. Only you can do it, It is a singular journey, but you can have a cheerleader on the side line urging you on!

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